A new chapter for Affinity: Why we’re becoming more exclusive


A common piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to always keep moving. Inertia is often an innovator’s worst enemy, and many great ideas are left unexplored because people become complacent with the status quo.

To be successful in business, I believe you have to spot opportunities by optimising an existing process, or finding a niche where you can add value. This approach has always been at the heart of what we do at Affinity Capital.

Setting up and running Affinity has given me the independence, confidence and skills to transfer to exciting new projects in the future.

Affinity is my first baby. Over the last six years, she’s grown into a profitable, mature business that brings a much-needed service to the world of structured investments. Side by side with my fabulous all-female team, I’ve learned an incredible amount as we’ve built Affinity from the ground up.

I believe the business is now at an optimal size, and we’ve achieved everything we set out to achieve. So, we’re narrowing down our future client list to ensure maximum value to our partners, while freeing me up to explore other opportunities.

Setting up and running Affinity has given me the independence, confidence and skills to transfer to exciting new projects in the future – and I intend to do just that.

Just to be clear, I’m still very much committed to Affinity and our clients, and we will continue to consider new ventures with equity partners that meet our minimum requirements in terms of investable assets.

However, for now, Affinity is a successful and self-sustaining firm, which allows me to dedicate more time to opportunities outside the business.

I’ve already been working hard helping my husband, Miles, to set up his new company, Staude Capital. Operating in a fascinating space, Staude Capital has huge growth potential and supporting Miles in his efforts to crack Australia and beyond marks a thrilling new chapter in both our careers.

In addition to launching Staude, my recent foray into the C-suite world, which you can read about here, was a great experience that I am keen to explore further should the right opportunity arise.

I am also delighted that the board of the Global Value Fund (ASX: GVF) recently appointed me as their Head of Corporate Affairs. This role enables me to work directly with investors in Australia – it’s a position that I’m really looking forward to making my own, and I can’t wait to get started.

These are opportunities where I can leverage the skills that Affinity has helped me to develop, and they mark the next exciting stage for us in this evolutionary process.

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