The Back Yourself Show featuring Emma Davidson

Emma Davidson, former Citibank trader and now Hedge Fund Director talks about defining success, getting stuck in and asking your 80 year old self for advice.

Should we be worried about low volatility?

In this video, Emma Davidson poses the question to Miles Staude of whether we should be worried about low volatility in the financial markets.

Are market valuations too high?

When interest rates are high, P/E’s are low, as they were in the 70’s, and when interest rates are low, as they are today, P/E’s are high. That statement is a truism, pointing it out isn’t an argument that equities are overvalued.

Has the bull market gone on too long?

The news story we are all going to start reading in the first half of next year is that come June 2018, this will be the longest S&P 500 bull market on record

Emma Davidson interviews Miles Staude on GVF’s Financial Year 2017

Emma Davidson, Head of Corporate Affairs at the Global Value Fund interviews Miles Staude, Robert Fairbairn and James Dow on GVF’s Financial Year 2017

Why choose structure investments?

In part one of “Why Structured Investments?” we looked at why people invest their money and two of the most common ways in which people do it: bonds and equities.

How and why do we invest?

Emma Davidson, Affinity Capital founder and director, discusses the motivations behind investing in different asset classes.

How to approach the new age of investing

Emma Davidson, Director and CEO of Affinity Capital, highlights the importance of approaching investing from a new client-centric angle.

Why bridging generational divides is so important in business

Emma Davidson, director and CEO at Affinity Capital, discusses why meeting different generational needs is crucial in financial services.

Fulfilling the Investment Needs of the Newer Generations through Structured Investments

Traditional ways of investing does not always entice the next generation. We need to find new investment strategies that will not only keep the next generation as clients, but also engage them. Emma Davidson discusses the use of specific long-term structured investments with low risk and high protection to expand wealth while meeting the investment needs of the next generation.

The changing face of finance

Well-known Bloomberg business journalist Jane Applegate interviews Affinity Capital CEO and Director Emma Davidson about the role of women in finance, the importance of collaboration, giving back to society and more.

Why Trusting Your Investment Banker may be a Mistake

Affinity Capital founder and director Emma Davidson explains why independent experts are so important when dealing with investment bankers.

Why Underestimating the Wholesale Approach is a Mistake

Emma Davidson explains why underestimating the wholesale approach is a mistake.

Introducing Affinity

Emma Davidson, founder and director of Affinity Capital, explains how investors could be missing out if they ignore the world of derivatives.

Why Avoiding Structured Investments is a Mistake

Clients who ignore the benefits of structured investments could be making a mistake. In this video, Affinity Capital Director Emma Davidson explains why.

The Mistake of a Past Performance Obsession

Affinity Capital Director Emma Davidson offers her recommendations for approaching structured investments in client portfolios.

Forgetting to Put the Client at the Centre of the Structuring Process

The importance of putting clients at the centre of structured investment decisions should not be understated, explains Affinity Capital Director Emma Davidson.