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Fintech: Embracing the future of financial services

Emma Beall discusses how fintech is taking the world by storm, as well as the ways in which Affinity is using financial technology to optimise the client experience.

Financial technology – commonly shortened to fintech – is causing seismic shifts in the way financial services are delivered. Fintech can increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of many traditional processes, creating huge benefits for both providers and consumers.

In fact, a 2016 report from PwC showed 95 per cent of banks believe that around one-quarter of their business is at risk to fintech firms over the next five years.

Emma Beall, head of operations at Affinity Capital, said there is a broad spectrum of fintech innovations revolutionising the market, including high frequency trading platforms and robo-advisers.

“If we look at which financial technology has been the most successful so far, we see that it’s the technology that ultimately improves user experience and engagement,” she explained.

However, disruptive technologies are just one piece of the fintech puzzle. Opportunities also exist for brave entrepreneurs looking to fill gaps in the market by improving upon existing services through the intelligent use of IT.

This is where we at Affinity Capital feel some of the greatest potential lies. Our ACE fintech platform, for instance, is helping deliver a range of benefits for clients by optimising the administration processes that surround structured investments.

Leveraging technology to optimise administration

The structured investments space has suffered in the past due to a lack of organisation at the administration level. This resulted in trade failings, settlement breaks and unnecessary costs.

Unsurprisingly, these problems soured relationships between investors and investment banks, and financial institutions were forced to release lower-quality products to cover the time, effort and resources wasted on admin.

Affinity’s ACE platform removes these hurdles and helps make structured investments a win-win solution for both investors and banks.

“Our financial technology eliminates errors, reduces costs, diminishes repetitive tasks and improves transparency. And it does all this in the fastest, most efficient way possible,” Emma stated.

Through ACE, as well as our independent pricing model and strong relationships with a panel of leading investments banks, we are at the forefront of pushing boundaries in the structured investments space.

Ultimately, technology is here to stay in financial services, and businesses that embrace these innovations will be better placed to meet client expectations as markets evolve.


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