Maximising Value Through Excellence

About Us

Affinity Capital is an independent financial investment boutique specialising in structured investments and derivatives that deliver true value to professional investors.

Founded in 2011, Affinity Capital is the culmination of decades of experience in the onshore and offshore wealth management space. Our aim is to educate and enlighten our clients on the often-misunderstood area of structured investments.

Directors Emma Davidson and Emily Roostan are structured investment experts who have worked on the trading floors of some of the world’s most prestigious investment banks.

This extensive industry knowledge, underpinned by access to their own state-of-the-art pricing models, more than 20 investment banking partners and the latest IT infrastructure, allows Affinity to provide high-quality bespoke structured investment offerings to a multitude of investors. Our client list includes high-net-worth individuals, family offices, discretionary fund managers, insurance companies and private banks.

Furthermore, Affinity has the ability to arrange and manage all orders associated with the business we create. As such, our team has built a stellar reputation as the leading provider of offshore structured investment trade support services offshore.

‘Price is what you pay, value is what you get’

Why we’re different

Most businesses believe they are different but many fail to deliver services that genuinely set them apart from competitors. That is simply not the case at Affinity Capital. We provide a unique value proposition that no other organisation currently offers, and our multifaceted approach has helped us build an elite client base and an extensive network of finance industry partners.

We could say that we put clients first – and that’s true – but doesn’t every company make that claim? Affinity goes one step further. We don’t just want to achieve best execution for our clients; we look to create mutually beneficial partnerships that optimise results for our clients, our clients’ clients and the many service providers we deal with across the wealth management industry.

At Affinity Capital, we pride ourselves on being truly independent while still offering wholesale pricing from investment banks. This objectivity and insight allows us to operate as a key facilitator for individuals and organisations who are navigating the structured investments landscape.

The Affinity approach

Affinity’s emphasis is always on transparency and efficiency, meaning our team works closely with clients and independently values every single element of each trade in which we are involved. We believe that the more educated investors become, the better equipped they are to explore a wider array of wealth management options.

Our mission is to not only optimise investment on initial trades but also to continue providing maximum value through ongoing monitoring during the whole investment lifecycle. This is unique to Affinity and something we are very proud of.

Given the complexities of structured investments and derivatives, selecting the right partners is vital. However, when managed effectively, structures offer significant value via capital protection, predefined risk-return profiles and payouts across a range of market scenarios.