Maximising Value Through Excellence

High-net-worth investors

Wealth management is a topic that we’re incredibly passionate about here at Affinity Capital. Our directors are experts in the world of structured investments and derivatives, and we work exclusively with high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) who are committed to trading at least £1 million per trade.

For us, it’s not all about the money though – we’re more interested in the people behind the money. Every HNWI has a different story to tell, whether you’re a self-made entrepreneur, a third-generation inheritor or someone who has unexpectedly received a large windfall, it’s all part of a living legacy.

Your unique history and experiences are what fascinate us, which is why our primary aim is to build strong, long-term partnerships based on your specific high-net-worth investing objectives. As a fully independent financial investment boutique, we can provide transparent, tailored services that are designed to meet a variety of wealth management needs.

Why wealth management is important for HNWIs

An often-cited Williams Group study claims approximately 70 per cent of high-net-worth families lose their wealth within two generations, while a staggering 90 per cent have seen their money evaporate by the third generation.

There are many reasons for this trend. For example, people who have become suddenly wealthy typically don’t have the tools or experience to deal with their circumstances. Furthermore, some HNWIs are forced to spread their wealth across a rapidly expanding family tree. Others simply fail to diversify their income streams enough to keep pace with evolving markets.

Nevertheless, the figures underline the importance of effective wealth management. You need access to the right skills and advice to ensure your money is protected across generational divides. This way, you can preserve your current level of wealth, while still achieving growth for the future.

How can structured investments help?

Wealth management for HNWIs requires a comprehensive approach to asset allocation and diversification, as well as a thorough understanding of appropriate risk-return profiles. Affinity believes structured investments provide all the features wealthy individuals need to optimise their high-net-worth investing practices.

A structured note comprises a bond-like element, which offers capital protection, and a financial option. This option pays a defined return based on the performance of an underlying asset, such as stock market indices, interest rates and commodities. Options are also called derivatives because their value is ‘derived’ from the underlying asset.

Structures have become increasingly popular over recent years among investors who want capital protection and inflation-beating returns. They offer predefined risk and return scenarios that pay out across a range of scenarios, including up, down and sideways markets. This trait is particularly useful for risk-averse HNWIs who are concerned about the protection of their wealth for the future.

Affinity’s structured investment services

We’ve already discussed why we’re dedicated to wealth management at Affinity, but passion is just part of what we offer. Our structured investment and derivatives services are a culmination of many years’ experience working on the trading floors of the world’s biggest investment banks.

To maximise the returns from structures, you need wholesale pricing that is built on independent analysis and research. Historically, investment banks were the only entities that had access to this information, giving them a huge advantage at the negotiation table.

Affinity has its own state-of-the-art pricing system and strong relationships with a range of major investment banks. This enables us to provide impartial advice and secure optimal value on structured notes. We can also shoulder the day-to-day administrative burdens many clients face with their investments.

Ultimately, we offer an end-to-end service that ensures you can be involved in every step of the trade. Our goal is to educate clients and find structured investments that are tailored to meet their specific portfolio demands.