I’m Known for my Honesty, Integrity, and Drive

I work in the financial markets and have done for over 17 years. Five years ago, I set up my own company, Affinity Capital Limited. The company continues to thrive.

Affinity Capital focuses in the area of derivatives and structured investments. Affinity work’s with Professional Clients that have access to £1 million or more to invest.

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The Book

Published my first book titled 'Affinity Capital: Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Put to Good Use'

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The History

Launched, promoted and wrote about Citi's UK Autocall Fund, one of the best performing structured funds ever

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Wrote the white paper: Using 'financial weapons of mass destruction' to your family's advantage

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Conference speaker and educator

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“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

– Brené Brown


Is regulation destroying innovation?

The GFC resulted in the introduction of much-needed regulation in the financial services industry. But how much is too much?...


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