Women in investment banking (and more) on The Michael Serwa Show

Last month, high-end life coach Michael Serwa invited me to appear on his weekly show, which covers a variety of motivational topics for people who are passionate about personal development.

I've known Michael for two years and his "signature no-bullshit approach" (his words, not mine!) has often given me the extra push I've needed to grow professionally. He brings the same honesty and transparency to his coaching that I strive for in my business. 

Given my 12 years of trading floor experience, 'Women in Investment Banking' seemed a natural subject to discuss – although, it's fair to say we strayed off-topic on a few occasions!

In the video, we cover my family's entrepreneurial background, my career in investment banking and the reasons why I gave it all up to start my own business.

However, introverts and extroverts, monkeys, turtles and sexy aprons were a few of the other colourful topics up for discussion on Michael's sofa! I also gave my three top tips for entrepreneurs and emphasise the importance of being true to yourself in business.

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