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What do structured investments and the moon landing have in common?

Emily Roostan, director at Affinity Capital, gives her reasons why structured investments and the moon landing have more in common than you might think.

Most people consider the Apollo 11 moon landing to be one of humanity’s greatest achievements, but there are many others who still believe the US government faked this historic moment. What do you think?

The moon landing is just one of many conspiracy theories that have gained traction over the years. Even when the evidence is sparse or debatable, these stories remain stubbornly popular and they often evoke some passionate opinions. But what does this have to do with structured investments?

Emily Roostan, director at Affinity Capital, believes structures face many of the same unsubstantiated claims that form the cornerstone of any good conspiracy theory.

She said investors either love or hate the asset class, but much of the dislike appears to be unfounded or based on a lack of quality information.

“At Affinity, we believe that structures truly have the ability to benefit everyone’s portfolio and we’re on a mission to challenge these negative opinions,” she explained.

“We want to show investors that structures can change the investment space for the better, when they’re used correctly.”

Choosing fact over fiction

Our aim is to debunk some of the common conspiracy theories by educating clients and removing any misconceptions they might have about structured investments.

For example, structures are often described as complex, risky and confusing. However, we’re confident that with greater insight, support and knowledge, people can experience incredible success by adding structures to their portfolios.

Sadly, investors frequently make trades that are not optimally aligned with their risk-return profiles. It is therefore unsurprising that people aren’t maximising the potential benefits of structured investments.

“If we continue to provide quality education, keep the conversation going and ultimately spread passion and understanding around these incredible investments, we can prove the conspiracy theories are unfounded,” Emily said.

“Structured investments would then become a necessary part of every portfolio, meaning investors can safely achieve their investment objectives while providing for themselves and their families throughout their future.”

Conspiracy theories may be fun to ponder every once in a while, but they’re usually more fiction than fact. Don’t let the myths about structures stop you from optimising your investment portfolio.


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