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The key to best execution for structured investments

Many organisations offer best execution for structured investments, but whether they have the resources and expertise to deliver is another story. Ensuring clients receive best execution on their orders requires extensive research, sophisticated industry knowledge and the experience to understand how today’s markets operate.

The role investment banks play in creating structured investments is extremely important, and being under-resourced and short on time means they pick and choose their business carefully. This means clients who want the best wholesale pricing need to be low maintenance across all aspects of a trade, whether it’s idea generation, administration, bookings, settlements or after-trade care maintenance.

Emma Davidson, Affinity Capital director and author of ‘Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Put to Good Use‘, said investors need to offer banks size, and plugging into a team that has arranged £500 million already is a good place to start.

“You need to have education, experience and data to back up your price negotiation – the days of just demanding a better price from the bank are over,” she explained.

“You need to balance fairness with firmness. You need to be fair to the banks and appreciate that they need to make money on their trading.”

Affinity Capital delivers a bespoke, independent service that prioritises best execution. Because we work with a large range of investment banks, we’re able to provide clients with structured investments that offer great value.

The benefits for clients are obvious; Affinity’s comprehensive data analysis and experience keeps investment banks honest. Moreover, we can act as an independent third party to mediate between investors and banks to achieve optimal outcomes for all involved in the trade.

Ultimately, whether a deal is confirmed or not, both clients and investment banks can benefit from our independent analysis and research.

To learn more about best execution and our independent pricing systems, please contact us or pick up a copy of ‘Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Put to Good Use’.

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