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Now available: ‘Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Put to Good Use’

In a post-global financial crisis world, derivatives have received more than their fair share of bad press.

This may not be particularly surprising, after business magnate Warren Buffett described these types of structured investment as "financial weapons of mass destruction" in 2002.

Such powerful words from one of the world's most-respected investors, underpinned by negative media attention, have resulted in derivatives becoming a much-maligned investment area.

However, independent investment boutique Affinity Capital is on a mission to change this prevailing attitude, and the company's innovative vision is outlined in a new book titled 'Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Put to Good Use'.

Written by structured investment expert and Affinity's founder Emma Davidson, this open and accessible account of the investment-banking world provides a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing investors in the current financial landscape.

Davidson seeks to counter investors' caution of structured investments using an honest, direct approach that is underpinned by years of experience and extensive research.

Trust and transparency are central themes to the book, and indeed Affinity's core values in general. This is emphasised through Davidson's various anecdotes of her childhood and early career, which shape Affinity's dedicated, client-centric focus.

The author's passion is obvious, but it is also supported by sophisticated industry knowledge that is fed to the reader in easily digestible chunks. This ensures a potentially complex topic is comprehensively explored, without becoming overwhelming. 

Aimed at a small audience of institutional investors, the book is a valuable tool for those who are hoping to diversify portfolios and tailor their risk profiles for maximum outcomes.

Minimum investments within this micro-niche begin at £1 million. This means Affinity's specialised services are targeted specifically to a narrowly defined clientele of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs, discretionary fund managers and similar investors.

Not only does Davidson offer a convincing argument for delving deeper into the world of derivatives and structured investments, she promises those that take the plunge a working relationship based on ethics, honesty and skill.

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