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Affinity Capital launches new video library

Here at Affinity Capital, we are excited to announce the launch of our new video library, which offers the latest information and insights into the world of structured investments.

Our vision is to provide an honest and transparent guide to some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter when discussing structured investments and derivatives with both existing and potential clients.

Affinity understands that some investors are wary of structured investments, but we believe that in the right hands these products are an essential part of many portfolios.

We are dedicated to educating the individuals and organisations we work with, and our video library is a key tool in achieving this objective. 

Not only can you learn more about the core services Affinity provides, you can also benefit from specialist knowledge built on our years of experience in the investment banking space.

Find out what are the most common mistakes and assumptions made when approaching structured investments, how you can make these investments work for you, and whether you are missing out on valuable opportunities.

We will answer all these questions and more, giving you essential information in quick and easy bite-sized chunks.

Investors can already delve into a number of crucial topics, including the importance of administration and organisation, the value of a wholesale approach, the risks of ignoring structured investments, and much more.

However, stay tuned over the coming weeks and months, because Affinity's library will continue to grow as we add more tips, analyses and market development news.

Do you have a question or topic that you would like us to cover? Please don't hesitate to contact us on 020 7297 2816 or via email at

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